2018 will be a bigger season for us this year. It looks like a 52-55 day season, with an early May start and mid July finish. We have 5 contracts, all out of the Burns Lake/Houston/Smithers area. The contracts consist of our Preferred Bid Contract with West Fraser out of Smithers, and BCTS, FFT and Community Forest work out of Burns Lake. The summer work is for a private client out of Houston. All camps within an hour or two of each other. It is interior planting, i.e. relatively easy, with rolling terrain, low slash and mainly unprepped land. Large blocks so expect large pieces. We do LFH planting (most media acceptable except pure sticks, needles, or moss), and high microsite selection is a priority. A majority of our work this year will be high density planting with low minimums. Average price over all contracts is 15-16 cents depending on whose crew you end up on. Feel free to contact us with any other questions.