Bidding for the 2019 season was encouraging- prices have finally gone up! We were able to secure good increases in all contracts this year. Most of our work is Direct Award and the one that isn't (BCTS second year of a 3 year renewal) was negotiated to a higher price. Below are the specifics.

  • 4,600,000 trees (over 800k in burns)
  • 42 days work May 5 - July 1
  • Contracts with PIR West Fraser (Morrison), Burns Lake Community Forest (new as of this year, out of Burns Lake), BCTS (out of Takysie) and Cheslatta Community Forest (out of Takysie).
  • Average price 17 cents, up quite a bit from last year. Minimum price 15.
  • Less driving - fewer trees an hour or more drive from camp (last year 30%, this year 10%).
  • Physio by Total Physio.
  • Camp Couture by DJ Hy Brid.
  • Cooking by April.
  • Planning for no camp setups and 1 camp teardown. All other moves will be from Cabins to Logging camps (Morrison) to a pre-setup Planting Camp.
  • Camp size will be smaller overall after the startup 3 weeks at Takysie, as we will be split into 2 smaller camps. But don't worry, we'll all see each other. We'll be all together for the last week or two as well. Lots of opportunity for crews to switch up camps to mix things up.
  • We will continue to send folks with planting injuries that cannot be managed in camp to Total Physio, and continue to work with Total Physio via training and talks.
  • We will need a few extra people this year so tell your friends! We may hire a few rookies too!