The Chey


Hybrid 17 is a small company, and we like it that way. The owner, Lasse Lutick, works directly with the planters and is around or available all the time -there is no chain of command. Our focus has always been on paying good money to plant quality trees.

In 2010 we became SAFE Certified. We have always put planter safety as our biggest priority, having seen first hand many sketchy practices during our years in the bush.

2006 marked the first year of a new initiative within the company to give back to communities less fortunate than ours. We raised over 3500$ for a group called Kids with Cameras, a non-profit organization focused on educating kids in difficult situations worldwide (as shown in the amazing documentary "Born into Brothels"). We have since raised similar amounts for the Snowy Owl Aids Foundation (2007) and Right to Play and the Tyendinaga Fund (2008). Last year we raised money for Skateistan thanks to involvement from past planters. We are still looking for a candidate for 2015. There is absolutely no pressure on planters to do this- donations are made privately, and we match planters donations (to a maximum amount).